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CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It helps an MNC company or organization to maintain relationships or interactions with Present and future customers. It helps to increase profits.

Basic Features of CRM?

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Service / Support
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Reporting / Analytics

Contact Management: Contact Management refers how to companies store and manage the contact information of clients, partners, and other stakeholders

Customer Service / Support: At the time of purchase, customers are also looking for better customer service. If any problem with the product customer directly calls the company technician or the company will provide CRM to solve the issues. Customers raise a case that is routed to the technical team in the company. So information technology will solve that case and get customer feedback.

 Interaction Tracking: This is the process of gathering information on customer interactions with the business. It does not only track the customers who bought a product or a service but also keeps tracking with their mobile phones of future prospects and how they interact with the organizations.

Lead Management: In lead management first we arrange to campaign about the product. In the campaign, we collect information about people who attend the campaign or visit the Company site. That people call them Prospect or we treat them as Opportunities in CRM. 

 Sales Pipeline Management: If Your sales stagnating. You are looking to improve sales performance by sales pipeline. To improve the sales pipeline by reviewing the entire sales process from Sales admin to Follow-up.

 Reporting / Analytics: We create Reports based on the requirements of the top management. Reports will create by giving filter conditions or criteria. Reports will generate Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly.

Advanced Features of CRM?

  • Email Integration
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Forecasting

  Email Integration: Tying together systems, tools, and software for the process around Email marketing called Email Integration. They allow marketers to unite Email service providers with CRM for personalized, efficient, and relevant messages.

 Document Management: A document Management system is used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper(converting paper documents into digital documents).

 Workflow Automation: workflow automation options allow businesses to run manual tasks, activities, and processes through a centralized system with less human involvement.

 Forecasting: Forecasting is the predictions of the future business based on past and present business data. Forecasting is useful to avoid business uncertainty in the future by examining the past and present data of the business.

Popular CRM Providers 

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Best Salesforce Guide For Beginners

Nowadays, Salesforce is one of a famous cloud-based software company that provides its customers with a platform to develop their own application without following the tough steps used in the legacy system. Every Salesforce beginner must understand their duties for better and effective salesforce administration. In today, market, salesforce is more demanding software. So, everyone has the interest to start their carrier in Salesforce. This is the correct place, to learn one of the best CRM software Salesforce. There are plenty of tools that help you in creating custom solutions based on your business needs. Today, Salesforce has expanded from just a simple product to a multitude of products.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a kind of software that stores customer contact information like name, address, age, Android phone number. It also keeps track of customer activity like website visits, numbers of outgoing and incoming phone calls, email, and more.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a SaaS CRM, and helps you to manage customer relationships, it can be quickly integrated with other systems, and even helps in building cloud-based apps. The software or application once created can be uploaded onto the Cloud allowing the end-users to view them.It is the cloud technology

Why Salesforce

Salesforce was ranked as the largest customer success platform with various features listed below –

  • Contact leads and opportunity management
  • Deal Tracking and Product planning
  • Product Manufacturing and shipping
Advantages of Salesforce
  1. It is a complete feature-rich solution for marketing, sales, service, partner management, and community management.
  2. Salesforce data is stored in the cloud so your team can use it from anywhere in the world with the help of an Internet connection.
  3. It caters to the needs of small as well as medium to large organizations.
    Salesforce works on a pay as you go, model so there are no overhead costs.
  4. Increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.
  5. Accelerates sales productivity.
  6. Salesforce can easily integrate with 3rd party apps.
  7. Increase the growth of your business.
  8. Continuous optimization of campaigns can be done based on the market response and closure interaction with channel partners.

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Salesforce Architecture

Top Best Salesforce Guide For Beginners

The architecture of Salesforce can be divided into various components described as follows

  • Trusted multitenant Cloud
    In this component, multiple instances of one or more applications operate separately in a shared environment. The instances are known as tenants which separate from each other. Although, there are physically remain in the same hardware. It is called trusted as it offers a high level of security.
  • Scalable Metadata Platform
    This component helps you to customizations. It also allows you to increase the amount of data or concurrent user instances.
  • Enterprise Ecosystem
    The enterprise Ecosystem of Salesforce is quite big as many partners contribute by creating and maintaining on this platform.
  • APIs
    Salesforce offers a powerful suite of APIs to develop the Mobile App.
  • CRM and Related Functionality
    Salesforce includes all features of the latest CRM packages and also offers features for the creation of apps

Service Nature of Salesforce

  • Salesforce as SaaS (Software as a Service): No installations, setup or download required. Just Log in and use software across the Cloud.
  • Salesforce as PaaS (Platform as a service): In this kind of  Windows software service, no separate platform is required. You can use the developer’s code to create and deploy applications.
  • Salesforce as laaS (Infrastructure as a service): No hardware or software installations needed as your data and applications are stored securely on the Salesforce cloud.

Features of Salesforce

  • Marketing and sales lead: Helps you to measure customer engagement by tracking email activities and convert them to customers.
  • Contact management: With the help of this feature you can pull your customer’s data like activity history, frequent contacts, customer communications, etc.
  • Opportunities and quotes: Helps vendor to create opportunity and quote.
  • Build and run innovative apps: You can build, scale and manage the innovative apps
  • Analytics: It allows you to access the data, create dashboards and perform analysis
  • Email integration: It provides integrations devoted to customer service, support and customer experience
  • Communities for sales:– Online community software that enables companies to connect customers, partners and employees with each other
  • Salesforce Engine: This feature focuses on making personalized contact with a customer for various campaigns designed by the marketing team
  • Sales Collaboration: This feature helps you to address customer queries and feedback
  • Sales Performance Management: It offers a metric-based goal setting and helps you to get feedback & rewards for the sales team.
  • Lead Management: This feature helps you to tracks the leads that are in progress
  • Territory Management: This feature allows you to create multiple territory models. You can also preview them before rollout, and helps you to optimize and balance territories
  • Partnership management: This feature allows you to build communities with partners and help them to share objectives, goals, and activities
  • Workflow and Approvals: The interface provides simple drag and drops option
  • Files Sync and Share: This feature provide the sales team the power to share various files and update them instantly
  • Reports and Dashboards: Dashboards and reporting feature offers a real-time picture of the business at a glance
  • Sales Forecasting: This feature allows you are getting a real-time view of the forecast of a sales team.

Salesforce CRM

  • It was hosted on the cloud.
  • Salesforce CRM is easy to set up within a few days only.
  • It is easy to use and understand.
  • Salesforce CRM  is able to manage all data properly.
  • One of the best Salesforce CRM gives plenty of personalized services.
  • It witnesses high customer retention.


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